We understand the need to look after the environment. Contact Us to talk about decreasing your carbon footprint.

Green Services

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to reduce their individual carbon footprint, and there are lots of ways to do so. We at Balaton Builders are constantly looking for and finding opportunities, whether through construction materials or other efficiencies, that will help us and you reduce our impact on the environment.

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Let us show you how to Go Green

Use recycled materials, like recycled mosaic tiles, recycled aluminum tiles, carpeting manufactured with recycled materials, sustainable/ recycled door knobs, recycled glass countertops, composite decking materials. Marmoleum is an ideal solution for a variety of surfaces, including table tops, wainscot, booths, divider walls, and flooring. With Marmoleum, customers can create looks unique to their brand identities.

Use bamboo wherever possible: fencing, flooring, paneling, plywood, slats, edging, furniture, carpets, accessories, etc. Bamboo is an ancient plant widely recognized for its symbolism of a strong, healthy life. It is an eco-friendly building material, sustainable resource, meaning it is self-reliant, and benefits from cutting, giving it the ability to regenerate itself.

Choose eco-friendly insulation with alternative materials including recycled cotton, recycled paper, and pair it with non-toxic environmentally friendly ductwork.

Request non-toxic paints, stains, and finishes that are safe, with low or zero VOCs to keep your walls healthy and beautiful both inside and out!

Save water by installing dual flush-toilet

Don’t buy bottled water anymore! By installing a water-filtration system in your house, your water is safe and clean.

You can also install a tankless water heater to save energy and precious storage space.

Balaton Builders is committed to creating sustainable built environments through the consideration of not only the building itself, but also its materials and components, from their extraction, manufacture, and transport, to their use, reuse and disposal.

We believe that the overall benefits of sustainable building are maximized by taking an integrative approach that brings owners, operators, architects, planners, engineers and contractors together early on in the process to discuss sustainability and performance goals. This process provides opportunities to approach and conserve resources in new ways and can create opportunities for healthier, more comfortable indoor environments, and ultimately, less environmental impact.